Our Mission: Give Custom game creators the power to




This calendar will always be kept up to date with all OAA tournaments and events. 


Our Mission and Vision

At Thinking Bottle, we believe in the power of community and custom game creators and gamers. 

Thinking Bottle seeks to solve the problem of infrastructure to empower custom game creators to build awesome games with our tools and processes.  

We use what we know about creating games to help others create and make the best versions of the games they build.


Other Stuff We Do


A non-traditional physical card game, designed, produced and distributed by Thinking Bottle Games. Build a castle, survive disasters, gather treasure. Be the last one standing or the richest to win!

OAA Tournament Season

Open Angel Arena is a premiere, community based  Dota 2 custom game. Tournaments are hosted at least every other month with prizepools of up to $10000.

Baumi’s Stream

Baumi streams every day, taking the time to personally interact with his community. He often records videos for his Youtube Channel on these streams. These streams are mostly Dota 2 focussed.