Thinking Bottle Games was created to help custom game creators build the games that we want to play.

Custom game creators

Here at Thinking Bottle Games, we want to make a better experience for custom game developers than they can find anywhere in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. As custom game creators ourselves, we’ve found our options in other platforms limited by a lack of development support and opportunity to monetize the games. Thinking Bottle is addressing these problems, so we make it easier for custom game creators to build and support the games that they want to make and that players want to play. 


Thinking Bottle connects with its players, always seeking out fresh feedback for both our own games and the custom games built on our platform; we understand the value of community input, and we want to make sure that players are always able to share their thoughts with us and with our custom game developers. Since we greatly value the development of our arcade and custom game community, we want to help make sure that creators can build audiences for their games by understanding what the broader community wants and needs.


Spark ( is Thinking Bottle’s first game—built completely on our own custom game platform. Starting off as a custom game itself, we’ve found that we have developed as far as we can on other platforms. However, the game’s strong core gameplay and esports potential led our community of players to demand that we build the fully realized game in our own system to give us the freedom and functionality that we could never have on other platforms. Check our our progress at the Spark community Discord:


Thinking Bottle has built a highly adaptable custom game platform in the Amazon Lumberyard game engine. Our platform lets creators use the standard programming language Lua to easily code and create games. Thinking Bottle’s custom game platform makes it easy for developers to build games, find players, and share their games with friends and players anywhere in the world!