The Writing Prompt

OAA Standalone is about to go into development. Most of the team has been found and is ready to start working but one part that we are still looking for is a writer. But judging a writers skill is somewhat tricky, especially since we aren't looking for someone to write a story. We want somebody that can do world building, characters and their relationships and voice lines. 

The idea of this writing prompt is to test your skills in this regard. Below you will find three hero concepts and a theme. Your job is to tell us about the three heroes and then use the theme to create a draft of an overarching world and put them into the context of that world. We aren't looking for a lot of detail or artistic writing. Keep it short and to the point, quality over quantity is really the key here.

The hero designs

  • Who are they? What's their names? Where are they from? Where are they going?
  • How are they related? Doesn't have to be by blood but they should have some sort of relationship to each other.
  • How is this information found on the characters? Is it found in the voice lines, on the ability flavor text, on their model? And what do they look like? This is important because you would be working directly with the art department.
  • Give us some voice lines of the characters and flavor text related to them. The flavor text doesn't have to be on the heroes directly but could also be found somewhere else, an item, boss, etc. Really up to you.



The Theme

At this point I would like to make clear that we haven't decided on a theme yet and we would make the final decision with you together. The theme I'll present here is however an idea I quite like, so it's possible we'll do something similar.

Angels and Demons, ideally I want you to pull from biblical and similar sources. There are many stories about demons and angels out there, tons of them can be found on wikipedia. 

Build us an outline of a world where the stories of demons and angels are real. They aren't legends but truth. Tell us a bit about the main conflicts of this world and who is in charge. And of course, how the three heroes fit into this world.

After you are done please send us what you wrote to: and Please include anything you would include when applying for a normal job. While other qualifications aren't necessary to get this job, we are still interested.