Making Progress! -Miki


Hi all! Miki here. I’m the Director of Operations for Thinking Bottle. I’m in charge of a bunch of stuff - Social media stuff, PR, and making sure our company runs as smoothly as possible day-to-day. I’m also what our CEO Adam calls the “community advocate”. It’s my job to listen to you guys and to communicate what your wants and needs are to the rest of our team, so we can make something awesome that you guys want to play and use. That’s our focus at Thinking Bottle - Make an awesome game, and give others the tools to make their own awesome games too.

We’re currently brainstorming how the game world will be built and come together, what the backstory is, and how the characters will fit into it. We wanted the lore to be created first, before anything else, so that it feels natural and organic and can be expanded upon, rather than slapped onto the game at the last second and each character given a paragraph of lore with no more depth than “after the tragic death of his wife and daughter at the hands/claws/weird bird feet of a particularly angry waterfowl, AngryMan McShootyPants is seeking revenge.” We wanted a writer to be an early addition to our team, and we’ve found a very skilled one.

Once we decide on the lore of the game, our artists can start finding a way forward in terms of art direction, the characters can be created, and you’ll start seeing more stuff on our social media. We want the whole game creation process to be transparent and open, rather than secretive. Our CEO compares it to an open kitchen - You can see your dinner being made, rather than sitting at a table and waiting forty minutes for your dish until it’s suddenly whisked out the kitchen door onto the table in front of you with no prior warning.

We’ll be opening dedicated social media for the game once we have a name for it, because currently we’re still using Angel Arena Standalone as a working title, a placeholder. We’ll also have a support page, and this will all be run personally by me. All enquiries to my email and discord ( and Miki#9328 respectively) are also all personally answered by me.

One of the main things we want Thinking Bottle to be is a company that listens to its audience. And not “there’s a suggestion box in the lobby that’s mostly filled with gum, stick your ideas in there and we’ll get round to them in 2025”, but for the community to have a real voice. For example, we recently showed off our newly-created logo:


Now, the feedback was lukewarm. Some people liked it, some didn’t care, but the most striking and most common bit of feedback we received was: “Huh?” Some people saw it as a tie, some saw it as a volcano. And we sat down and really thought about these comments. After all, it was shown on Baumi’s Twitch stream. Who better to get feedback from than Baumi’s everyday audience, a bunch of people who are more than familiar with games and the companies that make them? And we decided that because the overwhelming feedback was confusion, rather than, say, apathy, we decided it needed to be changed. So Baumi and Jeremy sat down and over a couple of hours, hammered out our new logo. It’s this:

Twitter Icon4.png

It’s very clear that it’s a bottle - And all of us see different things in it, sometimes I see fire, sometimes a skull. Baumi is adamant that it’s a tiny bug face, but I don’t see it. In any case - You guys gave feedback, and we listened to you. Thank you to everyone who let us know their opinions on the previous logo!

I’ve personally been doing lots of work on social media, and researching how other gaming companies use it, successfully or not. I’ve found lots of consistency among the most popular games, like League of Legends and Blizzard - I love what they do with their social media. They not only use it to promote their own game, show off new content, but also to lift others up - They retweet fanart, comics, and cosplays, made by fans of their game. I absolutely adore this, and I think that we’ll have a large focus on stuff made by our community, since our platform is designed for people to be able to create on it. I also love the fact that if someone like Blizzard retweets an artist, that artist might get a boost on Patreon or more eyes on their work, and it can help their livelihoods. That’s what I want to do with our social media- Empower creators who make awesome stuff, as well as share neat stuff about our game, and plenty of memes of course. Baumi wouldn’t want it any other way, trust me.

That’s all for now! I’m always available to email at should you have any questions about how Standalone is developing or anything else!

Thanks guys,

Miki Lloyd