Thinking Bottle is Up and Running


It is September, and Thinking Bottle is starting out in full force.  We have been able to get a dev, art, design and ops team going.  Sure there are a few of us that are doing a little bit of everything, but we are on our way.  We are talking about logos, building an engine, and designing characters.  There were a ton of writing submissions to our prompt, somewhere around 120+, and we are starting interviews.  It is always impressive to think about the talent that exists in the community.

Marketing Update:
We have also started thinking about how to communicate with everyone, what to say and where to say it. This means that we are beginning to think about our voice and how it should sound. We are inclusive, friendly and willing to be open with others.  This is our voice.

Twitch Streaming Update:
We are looking to expand our Twitch streams beyond Baumi's stream to include a show on development, one on operations and of state of the game development industry, a general Q&A show, probably one with our artists, and maybe others.  This is part of our open kitchen concept to our company.  We will try and be open with everything we are doing. 

The Team:
We have a team now, and we will be introducing you to them over the next few weeks.  Most of them you know, but we have been graced with some great talent by some people that you may not know. 

The Trello:
We are going to try and keep our Trello up to date so that you can see what is happening.  As we keep completing things, it will be posted up there.  

I am always open for questions, please email me at Until next time. 

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