Thinking Bottle Team - Adam


Within two months we have grown from a team of 3 founders to a group of core team members and contractors of over 10 members! Thinking Bottle is an international team of contractors that support a global community. Here is how this all came to be.

Miki - She was officially our first person that came onboard to help out. We had to look very hard to find someone that was passionate about communities and making gaming fun for all people (Germany)

Jeremy - He has been working with Baumi for a while on his art and is extremely talented. One of the last meetings I was at he freehanded a dragon while talking about the lore. It is impressive the creativity that he brings to the team. (South Africa)

Ennio - The backend developer that is working with Chris to make the engine work. Per Chris, "Ennio knows the things that I don't, and I know the things he doesn't," perfect initial dev team (Italy)

Matt - The "next developer" is hired and will be coming onboard soon. He has a more front end and world-building experience that builds out our development team's capability. (UK)

Steph - She is leading the game art with Jeremy. We reached out to her because of the incredible modding work that she has done for DOTA2. We were hooked on her passion for making the custom game modding experience the best it can be. (Australia)

Aaron - The writer. I mean he submitted multiple prompts, and 2 of them were selected by the group, and we did not know it. His world building coupled with Baumi's vision and the artist's execution will bring a game to life with a depth of lore and openness for gamers and creators alike. (US)

We have also engaged with some other artists and sound designers to provide some much need "get us off the ground" services and art. We are excited by having all of these folks come onboard and support us with getting the game up and running.

Adam Helbig