Building a Pitch


Hi everyone!  

Thinking bottle is starting our development, design and art direction.  People will be coming onboard over the next week, and we are having serious development and design conversations.  There are even more nerdy details about numbers, rendering and trees...yes trees.. than I think a reasonable person can handle.  Well, more than the business guy can handle.  It is my goal to put out what we are doing regarding building the business side of Thinking Bottle here.  

We have made it to a stage that most investors and startups call seed stage, and we have to start preparing to raise the next round.  This means building a pitch deck for investors and making sure that we are pitching our company, that shows us investible, different and a place where someone can leverage their experiences to help us grow. 

We are using Guy Kawasaki's pitch deck that has about 10 to 11 slides.  In an effort to be totally open,  I will not be sharing all of the financial stuff here, but the overall direction.  I will share the slides as we get closer to having a pitch deck, to get your feedback (with placeholders in some of the financial sections).

We are a community company, and if you have any thoughts or ideas on how to make this better send an email to: with your suggestions.

Thinking Bottle Corp - PITCH DECK NARRATIVE - The first pass

Vision and Value Proposition

  • Thinking Bottle Games empowers creators by giving them the tools, experiences, and knowledge to bring their ideas to fruition.

  • Thinking Bottle was built by gamers to encourage creators to build and play the games that we want to play.

  • At Thinking Bottle, we believe in the power of community, custom game creators and gamers.

The Problem

  • We focus on building the arcade and then the game. Our competitors focus on building a game then the arcade.

  • Thinking Bottle seeks to solve the problem of infrastructure to empower custom game creators to build great games with our tools and processes.

  • We use what we know about creating games to help others create and make the best versions of the games they build.

Target Market and Opportunity

  • The market is custom game creators, developers, and modders. We want these folks in our engine making things that are awesome!

Grid with Market Size, Examples and Opportunities

Online Custom Games

  • Game Engine for Custom Game Creators to Build their Own Games

    • OAA Standalone - One of the custom games  that we have built 

  • Embedded Custom Games

    • OAA - DOTA 2

    • Festivus Game

    • Minecraft (Chrisinajar mod)


  • OAA Tournament


Physical Game

  • Disastles

The Solution

Thinking Bottle provides the basics for building a game (the kit) and marketing that game

Thinking Bottle corporation provides access to infrastructure that others do not.  

  • Standalone Game Engine and Tools are Available to Game Creators in a way that other arcades do not solve. It is ARCADE first and Game Second

  • Community Engagement and Education - Use to engage the community in building a game, marketing a game, building a community, and developing a business.

  • Physical Game Development - We have game designers, artists and built infrastructure to support the development.


Revenue Model

We empower creators to monetize their products and build the largest player base possible

  • Standalone - Freemium model, selling premium skins for maps, characters and weapons (DOES NOT IMPACT GAMEPLAY)

  • Custom Creator - Providing the infrastructure and marketplace, Thinking Bottle takes a percentage of sales.

  • Business Infrastructure - Consulting Services, design services, and development services to projects that fit within our model

Traction and Validation/Roadmap

Build a timeline that includes:

  • Baumi starting Youtube channel

  • Chris built Minecraft Mod

  • Pimp my Peon

  • Frostivus

  • Created OAA

  • Built Disatels

    1. Kickstarter

  • Launched Thinking Bottle

    1. Raised Funds


  • Game Engine Build

  • OAA Standalone Alpha Version

  • OAA Standalone Beta Version

  • Disastles On Marketplace

  • Arcade/Custom Creator Marketplace

  • OAA Standalone Launch


Marketing and Sales Strategy

Our Goal is to document our learning and bring that to every interaction that we have to improve both our product and the custom game developers that we are supporting.


Thinking Bottle Sales Strategies

Thinking Bottle is already networked into the customer base, because we are creators. We leverage our current social media presence and expertise to expand our services and network.

Online Game  - We are custom game creators and linked to game creators throughout the world.  We will be leveraging:

  • Design Sessions, Development Sessions, and Discussing the Business of Gaming. The community will have vision to the status of the project and where we are going.

  • Limited Alpha and Beta Access

  • Discord: Open access and research

  • Creator Resources and Reach: Help Creators build a manageable marketing plan and create reach

  • Game Jams, Marketing Articles, Website Updates


Physical Game - Build out marketing plan that outlines multiple strategies


  • Baumi - Chief Product Officer - Game Designer and Community Interaction

  • Chris - Chief Technical Officer - Core Developer Online Products

  • Adam - CEO - Make things work for everyone on the team and community



Money stuff with more money stuff included.


Game Design Companies are focused on developing Games in “secret” and we are providing people the view to the process like a view into the kitchen at a restaurant.

  • Nintendo

  • Activision/Blizzard

  • Rockstar

  • Riot

Areas of Differentiation: Focus on games first / Community Engagement / Community Empowerment

Investment and Use of Funds

What we are going to be doing with all of the money


Adam Helbig