philipp baumgart - CPO

Baumi has been involved in gaming for more than a decade, and has created his own games and fostered a community around them. He knows exactly what gamers, modders and custom game creators want. He was the designer of Open Angel Arena, which was built around his vision. He’s now building this vision out on a larger scale, leading the design of Spark. Most recently he has also run a successful Kickstarter campaign for his cardgame “Disastles” and raised over 60 000€ and sold over 2000 copies.


  • Game Design

  • Balance

  • Project Management

  • “Face” of the company


Chris Vickery - CTO

A highly experienced and versatile software engineer, Chris has spent years at various startup firms, and knows how to incrementally build a large team. As the energetic force behind the implementation of OAA, there wouldn’t be a game to design without him. Having managed modding communities before, Chris has a firm grasp on what game modders want and what they don’t yet know they want. 


  • Organization and accountability of entire implementation team

  • Low level systems design

  • API design

  • Engine

  • Custom game developer experience


Adam "Biggie" Helbig - CEO /

Biggie has spent his whole career working with creatives. He believes in empowering people to create by giving them the tools to do so. He has worked in a range of environments, from family run businesses to Fortune 500 companies. He has also started several of his own businesses. His experience gives him insight into what it takes for companies to grow and flourish. His primary focus is to create the go-to platform for custom game creators, to enable them to build cool stuff and to find an audience for it.  


  • Strategy and vision

  • Planning our next move as a company

  • Finding passionate, driven talent

  • Serving Thinking Bottle customers, community, and employees to provide the best experiences with any product delivered



unknown (1).png

STEPHORS - Art director

Steph has been working as a technical artist for nearly ten years in a variety of formats. Having been in an animation studio making kids shows and TV advertisements, helped create mobile games and most recently Dota 2 sets, she brings a wide range of skills and knowledge to help in building all the visual aspects of Spark. Her main focuses will be guiding the visual direction and working on all things 3D.


  • Art Direction

  • 3D Sculpting & Modelling

  • Unwrapping & Textures

  • Rigging & Animation


Miki Baumgart - community advocate

Miki takes the role of the helper - she’s responsible for making sure the company runs smoothly day-to-day, and she's also the person to ask your questions and queries. She advocates for the community and takes care of PR, social media and general clerical stuff.  She speaks English, German, French and Japanese to varying degrees of fluency. 

If you have a question or comment about Thinking Bottle, please email 


  • Clerical and organisational duties

  • Customer service

  • Community management

  • Social media management

  • Public Relations


Aaron Hill - Lead writer

Aaron is the general “stories guy” at Thinking Bottle. From character backstories to world design to weekly lore teasers on social media, he makes sure that Spark has a rich and developed universe, using his study of philosophy and political science to ensure that the game’s story comes from thoughtful and compelling ideas.


  • Worldbuilding

  • Character backstories and voice lines

  • Flavor text


Kilian Oser - Sound Designer

Kilian is the dedicated "sound dude" at Thinking Bottle. As a sound designer he's responsible for everything you hear in the game. Whenever you hear something in the games we've created, Kilian would like you to think of the guy sitting in a booth spending hours figuring out what sounds the best for the game.


  • Sound design (UI, hero abilities, map ambience)

  • Foley

  • Vocal editing

  • Music

  • Sound programming, implementation and testing


ENnio quaglia - Principal Software Engineer

Ennio is a young but very dedicated software engineer. He really enjoy writing good code, both efficient and readable. Now he want to take his passion to the next level and make his first real game.


  • Game logic

  • Lua interface

  • Netcode

  • Shaders


Matthew “Chives” Williams - Technical Designer

Matthew has a masters Degree in Computer Games Design and Programming, has worked on both PC and mobile games, and knows what works and what doesn't. He has worked in the gaming industry for 3 years, 2 of which as a Technical Designer, and spent the last 7/8 years working towards the goal of being in a great gaming company.


  • Implementation of UI and Gameplay

  • Adding elements into the Engine and getting them working

  • Helping with the engine

  • Technical Design