Full package and custom art

Full package and custom art

  • Alpha Access: You will be given access to the first playable version of the game. You’ll see the game transform from it’s first stages into something beautiful. We’ll be relying on your feedback to help us make that transformation happen. Emails will be sent out before the alpha is ready to go live to make sure you’re informed. You’ll be in contact with the Spark team.

  • You’ll receive access to the beta version of the game as soon as it’s out of the alpha phase.

  • You will have access to the alpha tester’s Discord channel and be given both Alpha and Beta tester roles on the Spark community server.

  • Included with this package is a lifetime Spark subscription. As part of the subscription, you will have permanent access to all heroes, special quests, additional in-game statistics and in-game tournaments. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2UAex7h

  • You’ll receive a unique name color and effect that you can apply to your account to make it stand out when you play games and chat in lobbies. You’ll have the choice of the color that corresponds to your founder’s pack level and all the lower levels, too.

  • You will receive an exclusive Spark T-shirt that will never be sold outside of these founder’s packs.

  • You will receive a special hero skin that will only be available through these founder’s packs. The specifics are yet to be decided!

  • You will receive an exclusive Thinking Bottle team hoodie that will only be available to the team creating Spark and other founders at this level.

  • A permanent mention as a founder on the Spark website

  • Immortalized: We will place an item in the game in an inconspicuous location that, if clicked on, will show all the names of founders that have been immortalized. This item will never be removed from the game.

  • $300 Spark store credit, which can be used to buy hero skins and other cosmetics (but can’t be spent on custom game subscriptions).

  • Permanent mention in the game’s credits.

  • You’ll be given access to the private Thinking Bottle Team Discord server so that you can see exactly what we’re working on and exactly where we’re at.

  • An in-game pet that will follow your hero around during matches. This doesn’t affect gameplay and is just a cosmetic effect. Pet is guaranteed not to pee on your rug.

  • We’ll make a special Spark related art piece according to your wishes. We’ll be working together with you to make sure that this fits into our general style and setting, but otherwise you are in charge!

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