Open angel arena


Open angel arena is an open source dota 2 custom game

Open Angel Arena is a modern reimagining of the classic Angel Arena game mode. It was made by a group of passionate Angel Arena players that grew unhappy with the current iterations on the workshop. So we took it into our own hands to remake the game from scratch, revisiting old features while modernizing and streamlining the gameplay. It is a highly competitive game and there is a lot to learn. If you plan on joining a tournament we recommend you start practicing soon.


In a game of open angel arena you will be facing various bosses

Bosses are an integral part of the Angel Arena gamemode. To upgrade items you have to kill bosses, often as early as 10 minutes into the game and then regularly for the rest of the match. A killed boss respawns as a new, stronger boss with new abilities. On top of that, bosses in OAA have various mechanics that you will have to deal with while battling them and aren’t simple DPS tanks.


All items are upgradeable

This allows for a wide range of possible item builds and for an even wider range of possible strategies. Have you ever wanted to play attack damage Elder Titan using the 100% lifesteal talent or use Lunas ultimate to rain death and stuns on an entire team? In Open Angel Arena these strategies are not only possible but actually viable. Check out our latest competitive showmatch to see this in action!


Get ready to duel

Every 5 minutes both teams have to duel each other to the death. To win the game you must win a Final Duel. The first team to 100 points will trigger a Final Duel. The team with 100 points then needs to win this Final Duel to win the game. If they don’t then the games score limit gets extended by 10, putting it into overtime. This goes on until a team wins a Final Duel.

familiar farming

Creep camps are scattered throughout the map. Make sure to farm these and take control of your enemies to get ahead in the game.