Thinking Bottle’s Mission

We create for the creators

Thinking Bottle Games was created to help custom game creators build the games that we want to play.

Custom Game Creators

Thinking Bottle Games was created by custom game creators that wanted a better building experience than they can get anywhere in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. We felt limited by our options for creating custom mods, lack of development support and opportunity to monetize the games. Thinking Bottle makes it easier for the custom game creators to build the games that they want to play.

Custom Game Platform

Thinking Bottle Games has built a custom game platform in the Amazon Lumberyard game engine. The custom game platform allows creators to use Lua code to create games easily. The platform makes it easy to build, find players, and share their games with friends and players anywhere in the world!

Games developed by Thinking Bottle and some of the custom game creators will be free to play, and we will be working toward having twitch integration for streaming and hosting games. We are building an arcade for our custom game developers and want to help them develop the audience for their games and understand what our community wants and needs.


Spark ( is Thinking Bottle’s first game on our custom game platform. This game was prototyped and developed as far as we can on other platforms. It's gameplay, esports potential and community of players demanded that we build out the fully realized game on our platform to solve for functionality that can not be addressed by other game platforms. You can see our progress and interact with our community via Discord: