Senior Game Engine Developer

We're building an ambitious and exciting game and need someone to help with low-level engine specifics. We're looking for someone who is as motivated and excited as we are to build an awesome game that looks and feels excellent to play! As a distributed company, we are accepting applicants from anywhere around the world, however you'll need to be flexible on work hours in order to properly deal with timezones.



  • Working directly with the lead developer on the underlying engine powering everything
  •  Interacting heavily with asset pipelines
  •  Modifying the C++ engine we are based upon, in order to fit needs
  •  Communicating well and often with the team to keep things moving at a predictable pace


  •  Strong and up-to-date C++ skills, showing mastery over the language
  • Experience working under-the-hood with C++ game engines
  •  Great English communication skills, both written and spoken
  •  Ability to accurately measure effort needed for planned tasks
  •  A desire to work long hours on an awesome project with smart people

The following isn't required, but really helps:

  •  Experience with Lumberyard or Unreal Engine 4
  • Public open source contributions on GitHub
  •  Experience writing pixel shaders
  •  Opinionated but willing to compromise

This role will be a lot of long hours grinding out code, solving difficult bugs, and sitting in Discord with the other devs until eventually shipping a completed game. It will require a lot of hard work and devotion. To many people this sounds like a nightmare -- we're looking for those few lunatics who call this a dream come true.


To apply for this position, please email with your resume and cover letter attached. Please include a portfolio if you have one.