How to play Open Angel Arena:

The First Duel

After the picking and banning stage, the first duel will begin.

Just before the duel starts, you are given 25 seconds to buy items and collect runes, which provide a small boost for your team.

30 seconds after the beginning of the duel, the highground objective will activate. After capturing it, you will start getting rune buffs (Regeneration, Haste, Double Damage, Invisibility, Triple Damage). The outcome of the first duel definitely does not decide the outcome of the game, so don’t worry if you lose. However, it gives a small point advantage (6 total, +1 for each kill and + 1 for the duel victory), along with some extra XP and gold from the kills. Eight minutes after the end of the previous duel, the next one will begin. Duels can be in 5v5, 4v4 and 1v1, 3v3 and 2v2 format, as there are two arenas and your team may be split up.

After the duel ends, the start of the main game begins. Like regular Dota, OAA has roles that need to be filled - Don’t pick 5 farming heroes, because there isn’t enough gold to go around at the beginning. Make sure there are some supports on your team too.

In the current meta, the recommended team composition is 2 carries, 2 supports, and a semi-carry, but don’t be afraid to experiment with your own.

What to do in the early game

Farming/Carry heroes – Try to farm as quickly as possible to come online try and dominate the map. 3-4 items should be enough, no need to farm for all six.

Support and Semi Carry/Support – Go to the enemy’s side of the map and attempt to take their farm/stop them from farming and protect your carries from enemy supports. Stealing enemy creeps is of more importance than getting kills on the opposing team’s supports. At least one of your supports must buy a Ward Stack - vision is important and can win you games.

At minute five, two capture points (one on each half of the map) that gives Upgrade Core 1 and 1 point will spawn. It’s recommended to use this core to upgrade your boots because upgraded boots will help you farm better. Depending on what boots you upgraded, they can give you splash damage/cleave on creeps or just increase your GPM.

Capture Points will spawn every 10 minutes (5:00, 15:00, 25:00) and every other point will give you a higher level core up to level 4 and more points (for example, the capture point on minute 25 will give you Upgrade Core 3 and 3 points and on 45, Upgrade Core 4 and 5 points). If you are stronger than your enemy you can fight for control over their Capture Point, and if you win, you get an advantage.

Around minute 15, you are strong enough to kill bosses. Don’t forget that all bosses (except level 1 Roshan) leave capture points that give Upgrade Cores depending on the boss’s level and one point towards your team’s score. Capture points from level 5 bosses give 2 points instead of 1.

Upgrading and Cores

You can use Upgrade Cores to upgrade your items and make them stronger. All items can be upgraded up to level 5, but not all can be purchased at Level 1. For example to get a Nullifier you need to have a Level 3 Heaven’s Halberd (or another item from that branch) and an Upgrade Core 3.

To win you need to reach the score limit, which is 100 when the game begins, and then win the final duel that will trigger once one team reaches 100 points. However if the losing team wins the final duel then the score limit will increase by 10 and game will continue.