Disastles FAQ

Disastles is a complex game but due to the size of our cards we had to minimize text as much as possible. Further the game is build to work with long complex chains of card interaction and I understand this is likely to lead to questions that may not be answered in the manual. This page exists to offer answers to these questions, straight from the designer of Disastles himself. If your question hasn't been answered yet you can use the form below to submit your question and we'll answer it here.


Can a Link be activated multiple times?

Yes and no. Once a Link has been connected it instantly activates. If the card is then left alone and nothing changes, the Link can't be activated again. However, if you manipulate the cards in question in some sort of way, for example by swapping the room that activates the with another room that can also activate the link, you may use that link effect again.


Are infinite Link chains possible?

Yes but they aren't allowed. At most you may activate 5 Links in a single turn.