I am the night

8 I am the night.PNG

This hero is meant to sit in the back, disrupt enemy fights and hide in the trees while doing it.

Q is the heroes main poking tool. Incredibly annoying, spammable and with a huge range. The idea is that this is essentially this heroes attack. The projectile fired is small and hard to see but still visible. Enemies will have to pay close attention to be able to discern where the hero is hiding.

W is the big play tool and also the reason why enemies need to kill the hero. It lets you interrupt basically anything enemies are doing. Something that might be interesting is a boost to the damage/slow depending on how long the ability has been channeled.

E lets you sneak around trees put yourself in a good position to spam your spells. It can also be used to scout and completely overwhelm enemies with vision while the ultimate is active. It can also function as an escape tool.

Ult is beautiful. I love this spell.

Overall kinda neat. Ult is great. Sorry for the short descriptions but I'm very tired today.