Etheral Dude

7 etheral dude.PNG

Todays archetype was a mobile melee healing support. It's important to remember that "melee" isn't just talking about the heroes attack range. To be honest, we probably need a whole lot more increments for different ranges.

The first ability we came up with was the E. Looking at it again, I don't think it needs the autocast functionality. It's keeping our hero in melee range to allies to target the healing. The healing effect is very powerful and gives this hero a ton of sustain. It should have a cooldown of 6-8s.

The W keeps the hero together. This ability is meant to be spammed. It'll be incredibly annoying to play against and on any hero with more inherent power it could be massively overwhelming. But since this hero has no inherent damage abilities and won't be able to use this and any sort of right click items simultanously. Killing this hero will require some tool to shut down this spell or a lot of magic damage.

Q is a solid tool that can be used to enable magic damage dealers on your team or simply lock somebody down to kill. Another mild change I would consider is having the etheral apply after the stun. This ability does no damage.

Ultimate is a massive heal. Hugely impactful, can bring a hero from basically dead to full HP. Considering how hard this hero is to deal damage to, I imagine the heal will always be quite significant.

This hero has no damage dealing tools. He'll mostly function exclusively as a support but I can see some silly radiance builds happening. While twitch chat wasn't too fond of this guy, I like him. He's hugely mobile, great at healing but sucks hard at dealing damage. It's an interesting limitation that isn't very frequent. That might be for good reason, as in that kind of style simply doesn't work but that's exactly why I would like to test this hero ingame.