Brovog the Geologist

6 brovog the geologist.PNG

Today was the first day I tried to use my "Random Archetype Generator". I'll be publishing that once it's a bit more flushed out but you can see the result in the top right corner: "Ranged offensive support that hits hard but rarely." The point of the generator is not to force us into a specific archetype but simply to give us a starting point. Often I sit there, not knowing where to start, since I'm currently not designing with a specific purpose but just for the sake of designing. So this should help push me into a direction quicker and also hopefully force me out my comfort zone.

The Q has a very small AOE. It's to be used often and aggressively. One of the realizations that I had while designing this hero is that "hits hard but rarely" doesn't necessarily mean slow attack speed or long cooldowns. It can also mean a spell hard to hit. So while the Q doesn't have a long cooldown it still fits into the category. It's a strong stun with good damage. Important note here is that it's not a skillshot, it doesn't have a projectile.

W is similar to Impale from Lion or Nyx. The projectile is slower than for those two spells, although the AOE is a bit wider. When it hits an enemy hero it deals instant damage and then roots them in place. Q and W are obviously synergistic since hitting either one allows a follow up with the other. They are also obvious choices for maxing out first.

E is why you want this hero on your team over a Lion or Nyx. It's insanely synergistic with a whole subset of heroes, heroes that rely on abilities in the 4-8s cooldown range. It does require hitting spells though. Seeing as the Q and W are already hard to hit, this will make doing so even more rewarding. This hero is quite skill intensive. E also rewards hitting multiple heroes at once, which is very difficult. But again, if you manage to pull off the hard stuff you get rewarded.

R definitely doesn't fit into the archetype we rolled in the beginning. And that's fine. We are already covering the archetype we wanted to create with the first three abilities. With the ulimate I was just looking for something that worked with the rest of the skillset. And this is that. Q and W will appreciate the spell amp, the heroes you would be pairing with this hero likely also get some good use out of it. The constant damage means that for the duration of the ultimate you are constantly triggering the E, granting your team massive cooldown reductions. So while the ultimate itself isn't super crazy, the synergies created by it are and I think that's cool.

Overall I quite like this hero. Seems fun to play and is probably the most "niche specific" hero we have created so far.

Ps: Note on the lore: Pootis made this up really quick but I think a clockmaker would make more sense here.