5 spellhater.PNG

This hero is based around an old Silencer ability. Also, I suck at names.

Q lets Spellhater get close. It's a simple spell, I imagine the hero jumping and punching the ground. It applies attack modifiers, so it works great with Skadi or Desolator.

W allows Spellhater to break away from combat and replenish his resources. Since it also heals in an AOE it could potentially even be used mid combat to try to keep the team alive. The synergy lines currently show it only having synergy with the Q but it can easily be argued to have synergy with the E and R as well, simply by virtue of filling the breaks in combat with something useful to do.

E is very strong. It used to be on Silencer. It's the main reason why the hero wants to always be in close quarters. It also protects from enemies while brawling.

R is similar to Sand Kings ultimate but instead of slowing it applies a brief stun. It's again hugely disruptive. That's really the main point of the hero.

Despite me only writing few additional notes I actually like this hero. It's just late and I'm tired.