Tuzon the Brawler

3 tuzon the brawler.PNG

One of my main rules while designing heroes is to give them a broken spell. What I mean with that is that not all abilities should be of the same powerlevel. Making one of the spells be more impactful gives the hero a stronger identity. A lot of Dota heroes have these, my favorite example is Slark with Essence Shift. Essence Shift on any different hero is completely broken but on Slark it not only is balanced but makes for a very interesting playing experience. It's enabled by his other abilities, especially the ultimate but none of his tools make it overwhelming.

Which gets us to this hero. I really struggled to come up with an interesting broken ability today. I ended up on the E, which is kind of a lame ability. The rest of the hero is build around the E to somewhat enable him but in the end we are just left with a boring kit that doesn't do much. The only redeeming part is the R but other than that I think this is the worst one so far.